Zabel Hydraulic Manure Pumps

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Model 720

Model 620

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Cement-in Pitless Pump is great for areas where there is a high ground water table, or where a pump pit would be an inconvenience. A depth of  72” below gutter is all the distance needed to install this pump. A large 40”x40” hopper opening accepts most barn cleaners, and with a little extra cement work can be an ideal hole for scraping into from a free-stall barn. Slant Design reception pit manure pump. Requiring only 62” below gutter, this pump will fit in many existing reception pits. The advantage of Slant Design is manure flows into the chamber more rapidly, increasing efficiency. Flat Design reception pit manure pump. Requiring only 52” below gutter, this pump will fit in most existing reception pits.


  • High Capacity: The 12" x 12" solid piston plunger and target chamber opening can handle any type manure, solid, semi-solid, or liquid.  The long stroke cylinder has capability of pushing manure into the pipe.  This insures total movement of material, cleaning the pipe to eliminate lime and dirt build up.  The Zabel Equipment Pump still has the capacity to keep up with barn cleaner for non-stop operation.
  • Safety: No mechanical arms, gears or chains to cause injury. A direct drive hydraulic pump provides oil pressure to the hydraulic cylinder to move plunger.  A pressure relief valve that is adjustable is set to each application to provide necessary force to move manure to storage. This gives protection to entire unit should chain or paddle accidentally fall into hopper. Operating at only 1/2 of the pressure that the unit will develop, the pressure can be set up should pipe become plugged without expensive cost of digging up pipe to unplug.
  • Versatile: The advantage of handling any type of bedding of box stall manure may allow you to have a manure handling system without changing your farming operation. No need to buy gutter grates or purchase a liquid manure tank and agitator filler pump. You can use your present spreader and loader. Less trips to the field as you do not have to add water to make pump work.
  • Low Cost: Hydraulic design is 20% to 25% more efficient than mechanical drive. This means less H.P. required to move manure to storage area. Less power line load so you may not have to rewire to install pump. The remote power unit saves space. Does not block walkway. Can be mounted on wall completely out of the way.
  • Low Maintenance: Less moving parts than other pumps and the adjustable plunger can really save years down the road. Simply adjust for wear instead of buying new pieces.
  • Easy Installation: The E.Z. installation of the ZE720 pump requires less cement and labor to install. The hopper is built right into pump so less forming is required. The standard 10" P.V.C. pipe and elbows are easier to handle and saves money too.
  • Many options are available to fit your needs.