Valmetal Silage Roller Mill

Roll your corn silage with a Valmetal Roller Mill and get all the benefits of your feed. Since freshly roll feed is entirely digestible and palatable you'll get less refusals (hard corn cobs are cut into edible pieces by the tearing action of the rolls) and less undigested grains (spring loaded rolls crack every kernel for complete digestion). You'll see a difference in milk production and faster gains (up to 3 lbs/day/cow) according to research center.

Because the Valmetal Silage Roller Mill has been specially designed to process corn silage coming out the silo, it gets the job done economically with low horsepower requirements.


  • 16"Ø X 16" high carbon steel roll hardened to 56 Rockwell C
  • 2"Ø stress proof steel shafts
  • Positive differential drive (triple V-belt)
  • Hinged hopper for easy access to rolls
  • Trap bottom funnel for easy cleaning (option)
  • Heavy duty leaf spring protection
  • Adjustable roller cleaner
  • Polyethylene inside liners to help prevent clogging or packing
  • Capacity up to 1200 lbs per minute with a 7.5 H.P. motor
  • Dual capability : corn silage and high moisture corn

Note : The capacity may vary depending upon quality of feed


Heavy duty leaf spring allows foreign objects to pass without damage to rolls. Adjustable sliding gate.

Diffential drive - Large grooved rolls literally tear the silage apart so all ingredients are crushed-makes feed more palatable and digestible.

Hinged hopper for quick and easy access to the heavy duty rolls. Inside polyethylene liners to prevent clogging or packing.