Valmetal Roller Mills

To get better control of your costs and on the quality of the ration your herd is being fed.


Basic 2R12 Model

Legs and large capacity hopper with magnet and ajustable sliding gate are standard equipment on models without proportioner. A 5" (13 cm) diameter tilting discharge auger is available (optional).

L2R12 Model with proportioners

When only one size of grain has to be processed, producing your own feed is easy with a model 2R12 equipped with proportioners.


4R12 with Double Hopper

The 4R12 is the largest in its category. It features 4 rollers of 12" (30 cm) long x 8" (20 cm) diameter.
Its large capacity will impress you.
It gives you the option of alternating between small and large grains without having to readjust the rollers or to roll grains of different sizes at the same time.

4R12 with proportioners

No matter the size of the grain used, the 4R12 model, equipped with proportioners, allows you to produce complete grain ration right on the farm.

4R12 with dual hoppers and reserves

This roller mill, automated by an electrical panel is
indispensable to supply computerized feeding systems.
The two bins will supply any type of feeder or mixer. When a bin is empty, the roller mill starts automatically to refill and stops when the bin is full.

Different types of corrugated rolls are available for all models. Easy roller setting. A single lever sets both rolls in seconds so you get the desired texture (2 levers on 4R12 models).
1,75" (4,5 cm) diameter shafts withstand the severe pressure of rolling grain.

Rollers are made of high carbon
steel, hardened (60 rockwell C)
for exceptional durability.

The VALMETAL electrical panels
From single magnetic starter box to full automated control, all VALMETAL control panels conform or exceed the Canadian Standards Association rigid norms.
CSA approved.

Dust collector

This dust collector unit eliminates up to 75% of dust, improving the quality of air in the work area.

VALMETAL offers the most advanced and reliable proportioning system available. Our patented positive drive measuring system is easy to set and maintain. A single 1/4 HP AC motor drives all the proportioners. This is why our system always provides the most precise ration. Each measuring auger is controlled by a roller which features 25 retractable pins to properly measure each ingredient in the ration. To that, add the option of 4 different auger sizes and you have 100 possible adjustments per compartment.

Measuring augers positive drive =
precise ration.

The measuring rollers can be switched from "neutral" to "engaged" very quickly, saving your valuable time. Each auger has its own access door to avoid the risk of spilling the other ingredients. It is also possible to add more proportioners at any time.
Patent Canada # 1,266,845
Patent U.S.A # 4,699,265

Standard 1/4 hp motor drives all the proportioners.

Note : Safety guard removed for illustration purposes.


Model Length Width Height Weight H.P.
2R12 with hopper 130 cm (51") 71 cm (28") 130 cm (51") 181 kg (620 lbs) 5
2R12 with proportioners 130 cm (51") 114 cm (45") 165 cm (65") 503 kg (1110 lbs) 5
2R12 with unloading auger 130 cm (51") 95 cm (37,5") 199 cm (78,5") 363 kg (800 lbs) 5
4R12 double hopper 130 cm (51") 124 cm (49") 165 cm (65") 518 kg (1142 lbs) 7,5
4R12 with proportioners 130 cm (51") 140 cm (55") 165 cm (65") 699 kg (1540 lbs) 5
4R12 with hopper with reserve 130 cm (51") 124 cm (49") 225 cm (88,5") 567 kg (1250 lbs) 5
4R12 with double hopper and unloading auger 130 cm (51") 140 cm (55") 199 cm (78,5") 558 kg (1230 lbs) 7,5