Valmetal Hammermill 14A75

Model 14A75 Hammer Mill with hopper and vertical discharge auger

The large hopper with adjusting door allows excellent flow control of grains entering the processing chamber.
Different discharge auger models and accessories are available.

  • Horizontal 5" Ø rigid auger
  • Vertical discharge auger kit, rigid 5"   Ø. (pictured above)
  • 5" flexible auger

Model 14A75 w/ proportioners and discharge auger

Capable of processing up to
7 ingredients in a continuous operation. Specially designed for hog farms.

Model 14A75 Basic Hammer Mill

The basic hammer mill features a
5" Ø inlet with adjustable gate.

Full width door with safety switch
Full width double walled door on wheels with external safety switch.
For easy access and safe maintenance.
Strategically positioned, the magnets keep metal objects from entering the processing chamber. The hammers, sharpened on both sides are reversible for longer life and less power requirement.
Made of high carbon steel and heat
treated, they offer high resistance to abrasion and shocks.

Screens are available with 1/8" to 1/2" hole diameter.
No V belt and pulley, the hammer hub is mounted directly on the motor shaft. The mill requires a 3450 r.p.m. motor, either a 7.5 or 10 h.p., depending on desired capacity.   From single magnetic starter box to full automated control, all VALMETAL control panels conform or exceed the Canadian Standard Association rigid norms. CSA approved.

VALMETAL offers the most advanced and reliable proportioning system available. Our patented positive drive measuring system is easy to set and maintain. A single 1/4 HP AC motor drives all the proportioners. This is why our system always provides the most precise ration.

Each measuring auger is controlled by a roller which features 25 retractable pins to properly measure each ingredient in the ration. To that, add the option of 4 different auger sizes and you have 100 possible adjustments per compartment.

Standard, 1/4 h.p. A.C. motor drives all the proportionners.

Note : Safety guard removed for illustration purposes.

Measuring augers positive drive =
precise ration.

The measuring rollers can be switched from "neutral" to "engaged" very quickly, saving your valuable time. Each auger has its own access door to avoid the risk of spilling the other ingredients. It is also possible to add more proportioners at
any time.

Patent Canada # 1,266,845
Patent U.S.A # 4,699,265

Model Width Depth Height Weight
Basic hammer mill 117 cm (46") 91 cm (36") 102 cm (40") 204 kg (450 lbs)
Without hopper but with discharge auger 142 cm (56") 91 cm (36") 203 cm (80") 263 kg (580 lbs)
With hopper but without discharge auger 117 cm (46") 91 cm (36") 142 cm (56") 227 kg (500 lbs)
With discharge auger and hopper 142 cm (56") 91 cm (36") 203 cm (80") 286 kg (630 lbs)
With 5 proportioners 142 cm (56") 91 cm (36") 203 cm (80") 243 kg (975 lbs)

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