Valmetal Chain Conveyors

Valmetal 962 Chain Conveyor Valmetal 11-1/2" Chain Conveyor

Model 962

Valmetal 9 inch Single Chain Conveyor fits the bill and it conveys large volumes of feed efficiency. This all-galvanized steel conveyor with rubber backed steel flights an 62 pintle chain is the right design for moving bulky material like silage, shelled corn and grain on shorts run up to 70 feet.

Material is conveyed by ruged 62 pintle type chain with steel backed rubber flights, driven by self-cleaning cast iron sprockets.

The rugged, yet simple V-Belt and No. 40 roller chain reduction drive system has real pull with proven dependability.

Through Section available in
2 1/2'-5'-8'-10'
14 inches
30 inches
11 1/2 inches
24 inches
2 1/2" x 8 1/2"


Model 11 1/2"

Vametal conveyor troughs are constructed of heavy, durable 14 gauge galvanised steel, available in
2'6",  4', 5', 8' and 10' lengths. Available on wheels for special applications.

The rugged, yet simple (V-Belts and roller chain reduction) drive system has real pull with proven dependability...even for hard and heavy loads.

Material is conveyed by rugged 667 pintle-type chain with steel backed rubber flights 2 1/2" x 10 3/4", driven by a self-cleaning 8 tooth cast iron sprockets. (Moves feed 130' per minute)


Snap-on trough cover: 20 gauge galvanised steel cover snaps quickly into place. For operational safety or outside use...Covers totally enclose chain.

Conveyor dropout section: Discharges feed at any point along the conveyor route.

Diverter: Manually operated discharge spout diverts feed to teh font or back or side-to-side.

Hopper: Eliminates unnecessary spillage.

Flexible decline coupling: The right attachement when you need to change the angle of a conveyor run. Provides single drive unit power for inclined to horizontal conveying. Features a large wear strip to reduce chain and trough wear.

Flexible decline couplling
Flexible decline coupling.