Valmetal Belt Feeder

VALMETAL belt feeders require only one motor to drive belt and plow.The conveying belt moves quickly in one direction while a plow drops feed in the bunk. The plow reverses at each end of the feeder automatically and smoothly with the reliable continuous loop cable drive. To provide split-lot feeding the length of the bunk, a mechanical "tripper" switches the feed diverter automatically every complete revolution of the plow.

You get dependable feeding in winter and summer, the P.V.C. belt with polyester cord maintains flexibility in subzero weather. Choice of belt widths, 14" or 18" to match your feeding needs.

Steel plow drive cable is impregnated with polypropylene to eliminate any slippage.

The VALMETAL belt feeder and conveyor, features an industrial gear box drive system providing positive power to a big lagged drive pulley for slip-proof traction of the conveying belt.

Available Options:

  • Automatic, electric and manual "tripper".
  • Single, split, center-fill and/or multi-lot feeding.
  • Galvanized steel windboards and covers.
  • Steel frame for wooden bunk.
  • Incline and decline sections
  • Stationary plow
  • Choice of belt width, 14" or 18"
  • 4 way plow (center-feed)
For outside feeding
Optional galvanized steel windboards and covers are recommended to protect belt and feed from weather and wind.
Concave trough frame design
Carries belt in a U-shape for extra capacity without spillage, requires less HP, less energy, reduces wear on the belt. Belt returns on rollers for reduced friction. Heavy gauge galvanized steel feeder sections resist rust.
Low profile model
Provides the same characteristics and benefits; in addition, it features an independent plow-drive system with an instant reversing motor, which allows delivery of different ration to different groups of cattle.

Convenient control panels and limit switches provide reliability and simplicity for multi-lot feeding. The number of lots and lots sizes can be changed easily.
Its design makes it the ideal feeder for in-barn installation. Suspended from the ceiling, it requires only 14" of height.


Models A B C D E
7014 section lengths 18" 6" 10" 19"
8014-8018 section lengths 24" 7" 10" 19"
Models A B C
7014 section lengths 18" 19"
8014-8018 section lengths 24" 19"