Valmetal Bedding Chopper

The ingeneous design of the rotor shaft and knife discs offers a spiral pattern for smooth operation which also requires less horsepower.

Valmetal Bedding Choppers can be used with gas engine or electric motors, and three-point models are available.

Knives are easily reversed or replaced through rear access door. Knife reversal or replacement of blades can be accomplished in 30 to 45 minutes with supplied rotor wrench.

Smooth knife spacers reduce the possibility of twine wrapping around the rotor shaft.

Valmetal's design of pulleys and tighteners allows for smooth belt operation, without the bending and twisting that damage belt fibers.

An opening under the drive pulleys prevents material build-up.
Valmetal Bedding Chopper come standard with dependable Honda engines (various sizes available). The rubber cushions between engine and bedding chopper frame reduce vibration.
Large two-bale carrier folds up against the machine when not needed. Two independant adjustable doors direct the flow of chopped material where needed.

Two 16" tires, equipped with standard tubes and heavy-duty roller bearings, making it easy to push the machine.
The heavy-duty all steel rotor is designed for low maintenance and easy knife replacement. Smooth knife spacers reduce the possibility of twine wrapping around the rotor shaft. All Valmetal Bedding Choppers come with the strongest grates available. Optional fine-cut grate is available.
Large diameter round steel tub allows easy loading of loose hay or odd shaped bales, comparison to square tubs.  
Model Fuel-driven Electically-driven P.T.O. P.T.O.-P.
Length 47"(119 cm) 49.5"(126 cm) 51"(129 cm) 64" (162 cm)
Width 33"(84 cm) 33"(84 cm) 33"(84 cm) 31.5"(80 cm)
Height 55"(140 cm) 55"(94 cm) 53"(135 cm) 53"(135 cm)
Weight 433 lbs (197 kg) 471 lbs (189 kg) 500 lbs (227 kg) 622 lbs (283 kg)
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