Valmetal Distributor/Unloader 2000

  1. Collector ring totally enclosed. Electrical power is transferred from stationary to rotating part of the machine by extra-large brushes and thick copper alloy rings. Large taper roller bearings inside the housing support the machine.
  2. Heavy triangular suspension arms to avoid bridging.
  3. Spring-loaded guide wheels to accomodate uneven silo walls.
  4. Weight is evenly distributed on two large carriage wheels.
  5. Wall wheels are individually adjustable so that you can easily adjust to keep silo wall clean.
  6. The rugged chipper wheel with six replaceable hardened steel blades keep the silo walls free of frozen materials.
  7. The auger support features a solid oilite ball bearing, self lubricated, it resists moisture and contaminants.
  8. Heavy 16" auger. It's made of 5/16" thick steel welded to a heavy wall 4" tube.
  9. Pressure cam lever. It maintains pressure and keeps chipper wheel closer to the silo wall for unloading and away for filling.
  10. Hole former is suspended under the center of the unit, forming an open center hole during filling/raising.
  11. Heavy duty drive rings. They are made of 3/16 in. steel and reinforced for added rigidity.
  12. Suspension on three cables, 5/16 in. diameter, support the unloader from three widely spaced points which results in a level cut from top to bottom.

Independant power ring drive
Drive sprocket teeth engage into the ring to rotate the machine. A reliable industrial coupling between motor and 150-1 gear box assures positive drive.

Wall wheels & chipper wheel
The 10" diameter wall wheels are made of heavy-duty polyethylene to resist corrosion and breaking. Wheels are individually adjustable so that you can easily adjust to keep the silo walls clean.

Main control panel
The main panel provides manual and automatic lowering system, with timer to set lowering time in seconds. It also controls the conveyor.



Remote control, ammeter and alarm
A remote ammeter box with alarm and warning light plus a remote control start-stop switch are standard equipment, usually located near the blower when filling, the ammeter can tell you what the machine is doing inside the silo. The alarm sounds and the warning light turns on every time the machine is being raised automatically in the silo.

The remote control station is also used as a safety device inside the silo when performing maintenance on the machine. It enables you to start or stop (lock) the machine and to activate the hoist to raise or lower the unloader.

Three different control systems are available. For more information, contact us.


Big capacity double chain bottom conveyor model 2167
features 667-X pintle chain with steel flights for reliability. The horizontal sections under the silo have polyethylene liner in the upper pan to reduce wear and keep frozen silage from clinging to the steel. The outside sections are totally enclosed to reduce the back draft effect.

Heavy-duty auger : massive 16" auger
It's provided with replaceable knives at wall end to chew through the frozen hard-packed material.

Direct drive system
Inline high performance helical gearbox drives the heavy auger and chipper wheel. The industrial direct drive system eliminates belts and pulleys, therefore less maintenance and greater efficiency.

The V-2000 assures you of uniform compaction. Forage blown into the center of the silo is uniformly distributed and compacted.
The 16" auger cuts and sweeps feed away from the silo wall to the center, where it flows freely onto the conveyor.