Tenderfoot® Calf Mesh®

For calves up to 550 lbs.

Tenderfoot® Calf Mesh® is a self-supported plastisol-coated steel mesh slat in extra heavy-duty design for calves up to a weight of 550 lbs. A particularly strong and firm woven steel mesh is used as the foundation. As with all Tenderfoot® products, this steel mesh is completely coated with plastisol.

Tenderfoot® Calf Mesh® slats are very easy to clean and meet strict hygiene demands. The rectangular openings measure 22 x 55 mm and allow easy removal of waste and manure.

On account of low heat dissipation, secure foothold and rugged construction, Tenderfoot® Calf Mesh® is the ideal floor for larger calves up to 550 lbs.

Tenderfoot Calf Mesh flooring.