Sikkema StepSaver™ Crowd Gate

Each StepSaver Crowd Gate is built to fit your holding area. The StepSaver Crowd Gate has a blemish free 30 year history!  It is simple to operate and maintain, parts are readily available (not that you'll ever need them) and it is very affordable. 

  • No wasted effort getting your cows from your barn/holding area
  • Less frustration while milking
  • Cleaner parlor conditions
  • Orderly milking

The StepSaver Crowd Gate also has several options that make fitting the StepSaver to your holding area hassle free. 

  • 2 point operation-allows for a second person to operate all forward functions from a second location
  • Double Drive Systems-allows operations in a split holding area with posts
  • Triple Drive-allows for the operation of extremely wide gates with cable lift options 
  • Cable Lift Systems-allows for longer holding area operations-up to 150 ft long
  • Heavy Duty Drive Line Options-for gates over 100 ft in length


Moveable Down Rods Swing Gates


Easy Operation

Motor Drive

Solid Gates