Sikkema Alley Catch Gate

Wide open Target

  • Cows know exactly where to put their heads. The opening is set at 18" and is right at eye level. Opening is fully adjustable for any size animal. 

Easy Latch

  • Instead of trying to force an animal far enough to latch a butterfly-type latch, the operator simply pulls on the cable latch behind the animal and locks the animal in without all the pushing and shoving.

It's a Swing Gate

  • When you are done with the animal, simply back her up and open the gate and let her pass through. We use a heavy duty auto latch so that it will close back up in a hurry for the next animal.

Head Tie Down

  • Simply drop the chain over the animal's head, go under the spool and lock it off in the slot. This pins her head down so you don't get hurt.

Designed for 3' on Center Mounting

  • Easy installation for either left or right swing.
  • Available in special widths.

Sikkema Alley Catch Gate latch

Sikkema Alley Catch Gate