Push Away™ Grapple

Chosen by World Ag Expo 2011 as a Top 10 New ProductGrapple for unloading AgBag type feed storage. This patent-pending technology is designed to penatrate tough haylage and grasses allowing the loader to leave with a full bucket. The PushAway™ grapple has twin hydraulic cylinders and hardened teeth designed to penatrate the feed. When reaching the end of the stroke an adjustable hydraulic valve automatically energises another set of hydraulic cylinders pushing the loader away with 12 tons of force, separating the feed in the bucket from the pile. Because the bucket is full only 1/2 the trips to the bag are necessary.

By using the grapple to fill the bucket instead of pushing a bucket into the feed you don't have the spinning in the mud or on the plastic material. This helps reduce the amount of ruts around the bags. Adjustable width grapples can be added to your bucket or purchased with a bucket.

  • FULL bucket of haylage in under 10 seconds
  • Heavy Duty hydraulic cylinders, strong enough
    to penetrate hard packed feed in bags
  • When the grapple cylinders reach
    the end of their stroke, another set of cylinders
    automatically push away from the pile,
    separating the feed in the bucket from the pile.
  • 12 tons of Push Away™ force
  • Specially designed replaceable hardened teeth
  • Leave bag with the bucket FULL
  • Just call with the size of your bucket

Push Away(tm) animation

Click the play button on the above video to watch.

Pictures of the Push Away™ in action:

After grabbing, it automatically pushes away,
separating the feed in the bucket from the pile.

Leave the bag with the bucket full.

Other Options:

Hi-Dump with feed grapple.
Hi-Dump bucket with feed grapple.
(Note: This is not a Push Away™ grapple.)

Standard grapple with bucket.
Standard grapple with bucket.
High sides on bucket to eliminate feed loss.