J & D Tornado

Fiberglass Exhaust Fan and Shutter

Molded fiberglass; extremely smooth inside for low maintenance, rust free, corrosion free, easy cleaning and high performance. Lifetime warranty on all housings and stainless steel mounts. Poly cones available on 24", 36" and 50" fans.

Plastic blades (12-24" fans), light weight, highly efficient, easy cleaning, balanced for smooth operation and extended life of blade and motor. Heavy duty galvanized blades on 36" and 50" fans. Stainless steel available on the 36" fan. NEW Cast Aluminum 50" blades

Tough, energy efficient, totally enclosed, automatic thermal protection, prelubricated ball bearings, dual voltage single/variable speed. 2-Year warranty and 3 phase motors available upon request. Heavy Duty Automatic belt tightener on all belt drive models.
White, PVC aerodynamically designed for smooth operation and less air drag. Improves fan efficiency. Stainless steel corner clips inside of PVC for strong shutter construction. Nylon pivot on each louver. Aluminum shutters available upon request.