J & D Funnel Fan

Fiberglass Circulation Fans

J&D's Fiberglass Funnel Fans are an excellent choice to satisfy your low cost air circulating needs in cattle, hog barns, poultry buildings, and factories. Funnel Fans by J&D come equipped with a strong energy efficient variable speed motor, for the modern farmers year round ventilation needs. The durable fiberglass housing provides increased stability over regular poly funnel fans. Standard on all J&D fans, maintenance free energy efficient motors offer prelubricated ball bearings, automatic thermal overload protection, and totally enclosed housing for durability. J&D Funnel Fans come standard with a 1/3 H.P. energy efficient motor that can be wired for 230 Volts for those farmers worried about stray voltage. Two year warranty.
Non-rusting fiberglass housings. Never have to worry about painting again. Funnel Fans have a heavy duty welded motor mount and guard protected against corrosion. J&D Funnel Fans come with a heavy duty mounting bracket that tilts up or down, right or left for infinite control of air output.
Deliver energy saving airflow along with quiet
operation. Heavy duty steel center hub for durability
and aluminum blades for energy conservation.