J & D Free Stall Systems

J&D Relax Fit Stall

J & D Relax Fit and Ironside Stall Systems

The proven features of J&D’s heavy duty loops with the flexibility of our weld-free clamp system. The single or double clamp system allows you to easily adjust the height of the loops so your cows can have the comfort they deserve. Our up-posts are available in the cement-in version, or the easy install bolt-on version to use after concrete has been poured. In today’s changing world, why not invest in a free stall system that can change with the future.

J&D Post-less Free Stall System

J & D Post-less Free Stall System

  • No post needed
  • Hot dip galvanized base
  • Increased forward and side to side headroom
  • Less restrictions on air flow
  • Loops engineered for increased cow comfort and safety
  • Labor saving easy installation
  • Standard sizes are 6’, 6’6”, 7’ and 7’6”
J&D Suspended Free Stall System

J & D Suspended Free Stall System

  • All concrete work can be done without obstructions
  • Big labor savings on concrete and installation labor
  • No stall mounts to be anchored to concrete
  • Uses our standard Ironside or Relax Fit loops
  • Easy adjustable spacing
  • More cow comfort area
  • No stall mounts on the concrete or in the sand bedding
  • Single and double row installations available
  • Standard sizes are 6', 6'6", 7', 7'6", 8’ and 8’6”