Fritsch Hutch Front

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Fritsch Hutch Front

This is a strong metal front panel for calf hutches. The customer supplies wire cattle panels for the sides and we supply the front panel. The fronts are designed for ease of use, sanitation, and convenience, while remaining strong and durable in all seasons.


Setup Instructions:

  1. To hook the Hutch Front’s left side, hold the Hutch Front parallel to the left wire cattle panel, with the cattle panel 3” - 4" off the ground.
  2. Rotate the Hutch Front towards the hutch, locking the cattle panel to the left side of the Hutch Front.
  3. For the right side of the Hutch Front, hold the right cattle panel 8" off the ground.
  4. Hook the top rod of the Hutch Front to the cattle panel.
  5. Slide the cattle panel down, then push the Hutch Front’s lower hook through the cattle panel and slide it down further, locking it in place.
  6. Fold the pail holder down and insert the pails.
3/8" rod-type pail and bottle holders for cattle panels
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