Hanson Mega-Trac

During Minnesota's extreme sub-zero winter of 1996, the Mega-Trac consistently delivered over 2 tons of frozen packed haylage per revolution.

The 8" diameter blower throat allows for high colume discharge that is unequaled. This unique blower is set at an angle in order to allow the unloader to pivot over the 12" main auger and yet provide stability and greatly reduce rotational drag. The non-slip triple HY-T belt drive results in more efficient transfer of power and enhances belt life.

Mega-Trac has a dual motor system that brings the blower up to speed prior to the auger motor starting. The unique design of the Mega-Trac auger system combines the advantages of both a single and double auger unloader into one smooth running machine.

The 12" auger is positioned to pivot directly in the center of the silo. This feature coupled with the 9" short auger helps propel the machine and greatly reduces wear on the drive train.

The combination of the dual augers on the outboard end, coupled with Hanson's own hardened ripping teeth creates the most aggressive frozen silage delivery system available.