Heavy-Duty Monster Facer

Fritsch Forage Facer, for bunker silos and silage bags.

  • Strongest, longest lasting facer in the world (we have them in 27 countries).
  • Quickly removes feed from bunker face.
  • Different widths available: 6, 8, 10 foot.
  • Two Char-lynn wheel motors with chrome shafts, Made in Oklahoma.
  • Double taper roller bearings.
  • All the way through induction hardened teeth that are aggresive with no jumping.
  • Facer heads are clamped on so you can change the length of boom or quick-tach.
  • Bucket or boom mounted, length to match your needs.
  • 3/4" high pressure hoses.

We have all facers in stock and most quick-tachs ready to ship.

Heavily reinforced, bolt-on sideframe.
(shield removed)

8 ft Facer on a JCB Telehandler

Short video of our Monster Facer.
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Bunker faced with a Fritsch Forage Facer.
This bunker was faced with an 8' Fritsch Forage Facer on a Gehl teleboom.

10 ft Monster Facer on Manitou 940
Manitou 940 with our 10 ft Monster Facer.
Bucket mounted or boom, length to match your needs. Bucket mounted Facer
Bucket mounted or boom,
length to match your needs.
Can be mounted on bucket permanently
or removeable with pins.
JCB Telehandler with 8' Fritsch Forage Facer
Available with Faster® hydraulic hose couplers.
JCB Telehandler with 1/2" Multifaster installed
and 8' Fritsch Forage Facer.
Quickly attach/detach hydraulic hoses under pressure with simple lever operation.