Art's Way Grinder Mixers

5105 Ginder Mixer5105 Grinder Mixer

The portable 5105 Grinder Mixer features a 105-bushel tank with a 20-inch hammermill, which can be easily tailored to the specific needs of your livestock operation. The time-tested mixing auger and tube design of the 5105 allows ingredients to blend thoroughly and uniformly, yielding a superior and reliable mix. And since the uploading auger sports an impressive 324-degree swing radius, you'll never have to reposition the discharge tube from one side of the tank again. No more jockeying the tractor. The 5105 Grinder Mixer also offers a choice of mechanical or hydraulic lift and swing, and an optional hydraulic auger feeder.

5105 Specifications:

Art's Way 5165 Grinder Mixer5165 Grinder Mixer

The portable 5165 grinder mixer from Art's Way features a gigantic 165-bushel tank with a one-piece 26-inch hammermill. This 4 ton mixer is easily configured to meet the needs of your specific livestock operation, and includes a multitude of new ideas and improvements. The discharge auger's hydraulic cylinder offers improved lift stability and lower maintenance costs. The tilted high speed flighting increases the discharge rate by up to 25% over prior models. The modified swivel discharge brake features a firmer grip, as well as a larger gearbox and clutch shaft. The mixer and discharge system also sports a new double #60 drive train.

5165 Specifications: